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The T Rex Museum is closed

Dr. Samuel Breidenbach died August 6th 2016. No further appointments for tours are available. If you have purchased a discount ticket from Groupon you may ask for a refund.

Sorry for the inconvenience


If you went to an expedition to Mongolia in the 1920’s you would find an old building surrounded by smaller buildings and tents, many circular like the oldest constructed dwellings known to mankind, the yurt. It would be ramshackle but solid and built with whatever materials were on hand and lots of tin and wooden boxes. It wouldn’t be pretty, but it would do the job. Science was the key and creature comforts came later.

This is the new Westside T Rex Museum Expedition Center designed for Fun For Children of All Ages. It’s not fancy, not modern, and totally in keeping with our theme of a real expedition 1920’s Mongolian fossil science center, but with a bit more civilization than Mr. Andrews had, and less guns & whips.

Yes he is the model for Indiana Jones in real life (come see the exhibit on him including real artifacts and photos and even a dinosaur egg found in the same strata where he made that remarkable discovery). On July 13, 1923, the party was the first in the world to discover dinosaur eggs. Come see what they looked like.

Come see one at the New T Rex Expedition Center and DO much more. How about a photo standing next to Metal and fiberglass replica of a full sized Tyrannosaurs bataar or the Asian T Rex. Or a full sized and very scary Raptor. Or lots of other Asian dinosaurs found near where Roy Chapman Andrews found his fossils in the 10 years of expeditions China and Mongolia. These exhibits are indoors and outdoors, and includes a ½ mile Tyrannosaurs Trail where you can walk through a real Riparian Area that is 20° cooler than in town and see lots of fossil displays and interactive exhibits. But be prepared for weather approaching what Mr. Andrews experienced. This so real that it is…well, real!

What will I get to see and do at the Expedition Center...

Take our video tour

At our main expedition center you will get to participate in real fossil finding and preparation, and keep much of what you find to take home. There are many choices here and we will go over them, but we guarantee there is no place in North or South America where you can do all these activities at ANY Museum.

Here is an outline of what you will do in our the most popular package, the $25/person Raptor with 5 activities:

1. After a short orientation and history of life on our planet with unique exhibits taken from our earlier museum, your family will start your search for fossils at our Prepared Fossil Sites found on almost 25 acres of lush desert, including a Lush Southwest Bosque or Riparian Area.

Summertime weather is cooler earlier in the day so we suggest scheduling your visit for early morning. You will get to see real and cast fossils still in the ground as well as full size models or replicas of early and later ceretopsians like Protceratops and Triceratops, a Monolophosaurus Bone Bed, a Seven Foot hand of a sea Monster, an ancient flying reptile's fossilized head, and many other dinosaurs found in the Gobi Desert, or other locations, which make for great photo opportunities for your family, so bring your camera. WE ARE AN AWARD WINNING MUSEUM AND CONTINUE THAT TRADITION AT OUR NEW EXPEDITION CENTER! Remember the old museum is closed and this is what we now offer.

2. Next we move on to our Sea Monster Fossil dig pits where it is 100% certain that fossils will be found here with possibilities being sharks teeth, crinoids, ammonites, trilobites, dino bone pieces or teeth, and so on. Keep up to 3 your choice.

3. Now we will retire to another shady area and cool down with a Gold, Mineral, and Gem Panning Mine in a real "Running water artificial stream" with a 100% chance of finding treasures. Everyone will get their own 'supply of 'treasure dirt' which includes maybe small flakes of gold, Herkimer diamonds, meteorites, semiprecious stones, and even rubies or emeralds, as well as some other surprises.

4. Moving on to “Treasure Mountain” we will next dig for real minerals, precious and semi precious stones and get to keep at least one. You can take just a minute or as long as you want until you find your first special treasure to take home.

5. The excitement continues as we will all go to still another area where we will get to Discover and prep real fossil fish or splitting fossil shale to find what is inside. You could find anything from a bird feather to a real fossil bird, plants, or insects. You again keep what you find. Many people like to take home a fish fossil to work on after they get home and that is allowed.

6. And finally you will get to find and then Break open a real geode from one of five mines we use world-wide. Inside you might find purple amethyst crystals, white calcite spires, or a wonderland of small crystals. And yes you get to take this home with you as well.

We also offer two expedition packages.

Family Deluxe Expedition: Just like Mongolia without the bad water
Small group Paleontology Class: Primarily for adults

Family Deluxe Expedition Package

Instead of doing this in our usual way right next to the Expedition Center- we take you out into the wilds of our 22 acre property. It is just like going to Mongolia, except we speak English. So a short walk to several sites on this lush desert where you will get to find treasures, fossils, artifacts, toys, and dinosaur/ancient 270 million year old reptile track ways. Much of it you will get to keep and take home and of course you will have a professional field paleontologist from our staff accompany you and help make this tricky fossil finding easier. You may find sea monster or dinosaur teeth, real gems & minerals and much more. This is the ultimate expedition. Think what it would coast to mount your own expedition, even to a site a couple of hours away. So consider this the expedition for those of us who can’t or won’t take the time, trouble and money to organize this. A Disneyland type expedition and for only $99 per family up to 4 people. Additions just $15 more per person.

Dress for the weather and bring water and snacks. One to two hours.

One on one or small group Paleontology Class On Your Schedule Daily

Learn to find, dig, and prep real fossils with a PhD Paleontologist & Staff. This one to one and a half hour real expedition on our 22 acre lush desert site will teach you all the basics of paleontology. You will find and prep out a real fossil fish & learn the techniques to finish it out at home. Then you will go to a fossil rich area to find a real ancient sea monster or dinosaur tooth and lean about that, Next you will find & break open a geode. And finally you will get to find and learn about dinosaur footprints from 200 plus million years ago and how to interpret what they actually mean. Of course you will also get to ask all the questions you always wanted to like are dinosaur and birds the same? What really killed them all off- and the answer will astound you as you have never been told the actual truth here. Cost per person is just $49 for one or up to 4 people only. This is for adults primarily but smart geek paleo-kids may fit in also.

Dress for the weather. You will be taking home most of what you find.

The T Rex Expedition Experience has been fine tuned over 10 years in really hostile conditions, and this will be a luxury adventure compared to those, so that it will only take an hour to hour and a half or so total time. Remember that this is a real expedition experience. You will be out in lush desert outdoors with temperature and weather variations. Prepare for it… It is very much like an expedition to Mongolia, only closer. And the water won’t make you sick.

We also have a nice little gift shop with everything from T Shirts and small fossils to books, DVD’s, rocks, games, and toys related to dinosaurs and natural history and all at great prices. We do accept all major credit cards.

T Rex Museum Activity Center wins the “Official Best Children’s Museum in Arizona”

Dear Sam,

We would like to feature the T Rex Museum Activity Center as the “Official Best Children’s Museum in Arizona” in a two-minute segment on our television special “The Official Best of Arizona - 2009” and on our internet travel site The half-hour television program will air on NBC 12 KPNX Phoenix. Your highly regarded museum is our top choice for the state and we would be honored to have an experience of your caliber in our production.

The “Official Best Of” solicits nominations for our website after we have searched online travel resources to determine which nominees will be named “best of.”

No attraction can contact us for inclusion. Our selection process is rigorous with extensive research that requires positive reviews from a minimum of three independent sources. Our website receives over 75,000 visitors a month and traffic on our website surges after each TV airing of a new state. We are currently working our way through all 50 states.

T-Rex Museum Receives 2008 Best of Tucson Award

best museum award

U.S. Local Business Association’s Award Plaque Honors the Achievement

WASHINGTON D.C., November 13, 2008 -- T-Rex Museum has been selected for the 2008 Best of Tucson Award in the Museums category by the U.S. Local Business Association (USLBA). The USLBA "Best of Local Business" Award Program recognizes outstanding local businesses throughout the country. Each year, the USLBA identifies companies that they believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and community. Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2008 USLBA Award Program focused on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the USLBA and data provided by third parties.